Drawing, Sketching, Painting - these have always been on my list of likes and hobbies. But then, like most of us, I had to leave this hobby of mine in pursue of my career. But now when I am all settled, I just decided to revive all my passions, hobbies! I will learn what I always wanted to learn and I will do what I always wanted to do! So, Sketching is the first thing which I picked up from the never ending list as this had also been my first hobby that I remember! To know more, please go through my first post on this blog: Beginning of Sketching!

Before starting, want to mention one thing here that as a beginner (for practice), I have taken few pictures as a reference to draw from internet, few from Google and few of them from different books which offcourse I have tried to sketch in a different style. Hope you like my sketches. Enjoy

Friends Forever

Cat and butterfly


Anonymous said...

Well most of us, Yes! Leave our hobbies behind and pursue careers. I can see how much talented you are in writing and sketching. Then what made you did not choose Art but Telecom industry. You are a very good writer, I have read few of your blogs, and observed you are also a great thinker. To articulating things is not enough unless you have ability to open your mind and think deep. 

Shivani Singh said...

Thanks Pandyahimani... Telecom came to me by chance and I just happened to love it:) And so, I decided to carry on with it... and yes, I always made a point not to compromise on leaving any of my hobbies and thats how I managed to create a fine balance between both the things:) And I am totally exhilarated by your comments:) Thank u so much:) Its alwaz so great to know when someone likes and appreciate ur stuff:)Thanks once again:)

Anonymous said...

I really like the depth of this sketch.. You've made the fur of this kitty come alive by the intricate use of your pencil; great suff and a pleasure to see.. Love the butterfly too, such a well crafted piece.