Drawing, Sketching, Painting - these have always been on my list of likes and hobbies. But then, like most of us, I had to leave this hobby of mine in pursue of my career. But now when I am all settled, I just decided to revive all my passions, hobbies! I will learn what I always wanted to learn and I will do what I always wanted to do! So, Sketching is the first thing which I picked up from the never ending list as this had also been my first hobby that I remember! To know more, please go through my first post on this blog: Beginning of Sketching!

Before starting, want to mention one thing here that as a beginner (for practice), I have taken few pictures as a reference to draw from internet, few from Google and few of them from different books which offcourse I have tried to sketch in a different style. Hope you like my sketches. Enjoy

I am... I am... I am...

Who on this planet am I?

I generally get baffled when someone asks me "Tell me something about yourself"... Quite a tough one to answer *huhhhh*, really tough to put everything in a lucid and unambiguous sequence!

Well, from where am I suppose to begin? Is it gonna be weird if I start with getting you guys acquainted with the fact that I am somebody who is little lost, but yes, is also sensible and witty! Somebody who is absolutely in love with dancing, sketching, writing and reading (n yes, shopping as well:P)! Always carry an insatiable urge to learn something new and have lots on my bucket list before angels ask me to fly and that’s my weakness too!

Few adjectives that can define me a bit are: A cake head, super crazy, always high on excitement, fun loving, optimistic, an animal lover, alwaz smiling, an avid reader, a fashion junkie, an untamed shopaholic, a packrat of shoes and clothes, a wild child, a style maniac, a dark chocolate eater, an obsessive homemaker and a simple girl who loves to make everything around her beautiful and every body around her smile!

A girl with an opinion and a brain and yes, I do like using it! 

Well, what else??? Lemme try to explore myself little more... ok... so,

I am... I am... I am....

Somebody who loves life and all the humor and passion that comes with it. Never allow anything or anybody to put me down, and that's the rule of my life! Somebody who love and believe in deriving happiness from very small things in life and never leave a chance to smile and be happy! Never ever!!

A cake head who carry a very strange and weird fascination for flying birds, planes, moon and twinkling stars! The reason??? Well, that's still an unknown mystery to me! But man, I can watch them for hrs together...

And yes, somebody who's a die-hard feminist who believes in equality and not in reservations! And I love Marilyn Monroe for saying this "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"

I can be super obsessive about things at times! Ask my friends... Probably 'coz I carry very stubborn and audacious views about few things and nothing on this planet can move me from those. Yes, NOTHING!!!

A very very very strong believer of the "Karma Philosophy" and believes you reap what you sow! I also believe heaven and hell both are here in this world and you really don't need an invitation from Yamaraj to take you to their doors:) Yes, you are what you deserve to be! So, don't blame others, destiny, luck, situations n blah blah blah! Its only YOU who sketches and fill colors in your life's canvas... And dude, if you handover the pencils and paints to somebody else to fill your life's blank page! That's your problem... That's your mistake... And only you are responsible for the final picture: beautiful or ugly!!! And not they...

Ok enough:) The last thing... What dragged me here to this blog???

And I am here because I love sketching! No, wait thats an understatement... I am here because I am super passionate about sketching and this is one thing in which I really want to graduate and gradually, become a perfectionist:)
Hope you will enjoy this blogging journey with me... Keep smiling and stay blessed…

Disclaimer: All the posts on all my blogs are based on my personal learning, opinion and views. It has no connection, no connotation to any person associated with me.

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Piyush Raj Sinha said...

Its really nice, the way you express your feelings, emotions and thoughts.